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DC '78 # 13: The Future Foreseen--THE GREAT DISASTER

To the immediate attention of Director Bones:
Re: Coverts Ops 78ASeek
Field Update
September 21, 1978


The formation and maintenance of the group known loosely
as "The Seekers" (sometimes "Persuasion") has not been
arbitrary in the least. These Oracles, these Lookers are gifted with
insights and abilities to read the minds and desires of other people.

Some are now also seemingly cursed with foresight of impending
events. These visions and premonitions began in earnest after the Crisis.

Each member of the group came together, as 'foretold,' to attempt
thwarting the Great Disaster that each envisioned. The one common
factor--despite their precognitive insights showcasing different
locations--was that the Disaster was likely super-human in origin.

As reported by the The Bleed Council of Lost Worlds, there were stories and
rumors from seers and time-travelers of some form of 'End Times'
on each planet Earth out there. All of these 'Elseworlds' share too
many commonalities and consistencies to ignore this fate as improbable.

To think we don't share a connection merely because of superficial
differences of evolution would be ludicrous. I think of it in this way;
there are only 3 basic colors, but look at the world of difference
in what we do with them! This game is the business of possibilities
and prevention, as well as policing.

(It is known that prior to "The Great Disaster" there was a swell
of super-human activity which probably culminated in a power
struggle that precipitated or directly caused the end of civilization.)
(Refer to Agent Raynor's illustrations for facsimiles of the described earths.)
This massive loss of life as a believed result of super-human action
is what led the group to take it upon themselves to monitor
the 'super hero' groups of the mid-to-late twentieth century,
infiltrating and spying on them from within.

The veracity of their claims and powers are impossible
to determine, but so long as they are operating and there is
a chance they truly hold precognitive abilities, we will monitor
their activities. If their claims pan out, it's in our interest
to be prepared. There may be greater applications as well.

These are summaries of the visions that the fourteen members saw.
Madame Xanadu herself was given a view
of an all-out war between heroes, ending in devastating nuclear
destruction. Lilith Clay saw a future where only a boy survived the
end of civilization, surrounded by beasts and constructs.

Always centering around a devastated climate and geography,
typically with only a smattering of survivors from unlikely
divergent groups, these visions foretold a dark future wherein
no significant remnants of civilization could be found.

Maria De Guzman is a second-generation meta human, daughter
of former hero 'The Jaguar' and his wife, Lydia Fellin, a former
criminal. It's believed she derived her psychic skills from her
mother's side, but she has only had some disturbing dreams
of late regarding an aged Batman presiding over a young
techno-Batman, but seeing as how she's untested and new to
these things, it could be a case of late night pizza for all we know. 
Perhaps more detail will develop in time.

Purportedly, the organization's goal mirrors our own;
to keep superhumans (or meta-human as the agency now
refers to them) observed and answerable to someone at all times.
However, as we knew, they are unregulated and unproven,
thereby likely as dangerous as the people they're monitoring.
Lia Briggs saw a variant of the ruined future, this time with a man
and mutates. Few other humans remain here, save as slaves.

There are such similarities to these constructs, we speculate
they are imagined interpretations of the same world through
different eyes, or if perhaps the erased earths' divergent futures
were absorbed into this one new reality, pulling at the minds of
psychics and precognitives. (See Professor Palmer's attached
report regarding his conclusions re: realigned energies.)

Lucian Crawley believes these are all segments of the same
earth having befallen the same horrors, yet each region developing
its own unique identity. His view was of  advanced AI or robots of
some sort--electrical warriors. And still there was darkness and strife.
In most cases, the subjects of these clairvoyant episodes
did not experience precognition prior to the Crisis.  It would seem
likely that the advent of such abilities is likely to have occurred
in such individuals as these, who were already possessed of telepathy,
telekinetics, and related skills, but the exact trigger is unknown.

M'gann M'orzz  has a vision of the despot Darkseid having overrun
the planet, destroying most and keeping the remaining
people alive as mental slaves and target practice. There's
also something to do with a Philosopher's Stone, so that one
may bear careful watching. Talk about a double dose of terror.

A red-headed young woman (that seems a common theme) whose
name we haven't discerned was assigned to keep watch over
Superman and Batman. She tells of a future where a single hero
is corrupted and betrays the rest, leading to true Armageddon.
A time-displaced western warrior fights with future
technology in a mad world struggling to rebuild post-disaster,
as related by William Dawson.

On a sidenote, there are others who seem to have
particular insights as to future events, many of whom are
rumored to be part of a 'Skull & Crossbones' type underground
organization known as The Light. All accounts have chalked
such individuals, like Loren Jupitor, John Constantine, Harry Chawney,
Steve Dayton, and Max Lord--all of whom were already on our
radar, incidentally--as being mere futurist individuals...
shrewd businessmen and progressive by all reports.
A band of family and friends become rebels against
throngs of tyrannical guards and other threats in a post-nuclear
landscape, as seen by 'Fiona Webb.'

A version of 'Hercules, the demigod, was witnessed by Leah
Wasserman surviving a nuclear holocaust and fighting to keep men free
in yet another vision.

Seeing as how we have approximately 9 different documented
Hercules/Herakles running about, there's no telling if this is one of
the current guys or someone new ...if he's the 'actual' Hercules at all.
Another nuclear wasteland, tyrants and mutates rule and only
a small band of adventurers stand against them with but crude artifacts
 and weapons; this is the sight of Kari Limbo.
A collapsed society where mutated rats have overcome the world,
albeit it in a benevolent capacity, as man in fact devolves, was the
experience of one Henry King, Jr.

Headquarters for the group continues to be a secret embedded
section within "Lookout Mountain," Georgia, from which they
fancy themselves witnesses to the world below. The funding for
the lair as well as technologies seem to come from one Ruby Ryder
(yes, of 'richest woman in the world' and Ruby Ryder Enterprises'
fame) although her agenda has not yet been made clear. She has
not made an appearance at the gatherings.

Investigation has proved difficult due to the nomadic existence
of most 'members.' In fact, the group is really in name only; after
having established themselves as a dedicated front, there hasn't
 been much in the way of interaction (occasional, but not significant.)

Reports are filed electronically, and since the plants are embedded,
there is minimal contact. A few members sleep at the facility, but
socialization and communications are minimal.
Adrianna Tereshkova tells of a future where the offspring
of a Teen Titan has become a crazed warlord and created
a militaristic rule. Entire teams of 'Titans' are running amok.

The Warp Zones may offer insights, if one of them is perhaps
comprised of a time in the future either before or significantly
after these events. However, the results from those preliminary
expeditions have been slow to process, and other agencies aren't
exactly bending over backwards to disseminate the intelligence
reports. I would recommend sending Blue Trinity, Black Orchid,
or shape-shifters in--someone with knowledge of covert ops that
can gain Intel without upsetting the balance inside the Zones.

We know there are more variables than 14, so if they are
 all being foreseen, we can assume there are that many other
psychics, etc with mental abilities and enhancements out there
who haven't come forward. Agent     is checking up on the current
status of known telepaths. Some known contacts of Xanadu who
are not believed to be associates are a 'Charity' in Opal City, Rose
Psychic (CWU,) Brainstorm (incarcerated Mt. Olympus,) and Lady Zand.

Given that some will be looking to get their own piece of the pie
based on any insights garnered from future-insights, so also gathering up time travellers and sequestering them seems valid.
There has been enough trouble from these escalating 'Legends of the
Dead Earth.' Further precautions are advised.

Would also like someone (Agent Prince?) to check with
'Harbinger/Lyta' who was the accomplice of the guy who was monitoring
everyone. He seemed to 'know stuff' as it were; what happened
to him in the end? Could that explosion have been a
means of passing on his energies and powers to others?

We still know so little about 'The Explosion.' I still think
she knows more than she lets on, but I'd like to send a crew
out to Paradise Island to verify. As yet, visions have not been clear
enough to determine if these are different parts of the same future
on earth, or if each is a different possible outcome.

However, the relentlessness of the visions and the whelmingly
negative view gave pause to the various pre-cogs and psychics
who suffered them, bringing them together to find a solution.

We thought Crisis was the big hit, but since it was a bullet
dodged, the 'Evil Forces' lot seem to have amped up their game.

Just as the 'Seekers' have infiltrated various super-hero groups
and individuals' lives, so too do we have an undercover agent
in their team's midst (pursuant to Executive Order 15323.)
We will continue to monitor their dealings and investigate
whether or not their claims have any basis.

Agent Cameron Chase
DEO Investigator, Badge 4321

cc: Sergeant Steel, Checkmate Division
King Faraday, CBI
Amanda Waller, Task Force X

see also attached files:
* The History of the Seekers
*Individual Profiles for Looker, Mindgrabber Kid,
Miss Martian, and Brainwave, Jr.
* Professors Runk and Palmer's Report on
Energy Displacement and Conversion
* Time Anomaly Construct Studies by Professor E.N. Bridwell
* T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agent Menthor's assessment
of his own newly developed visions