Saturday, December 29, 2012

DC '78 # 4: Dogs of War (Female Furies of Apokolips)

Known now by their secondary title, the Dogs of War,
Apokolips' 'Female Furies' have been especially
busy since Big Barda took leave and became so
interested in the fate of earth.

Granny Goodness has increased torture,
decreased sustenance, and has some
very sinister new plans afoot for making
Barda, Scott Free, and their new friends
quite miserable.

The Furies have been expanded, and training is
especially intense. The attacks on earth's heroes
have increased in volume and magnitude, and it
seems that a reckoning is unavoidable.



Bloody Mary



A second Lashina to replace the AWOL original
(yet something more which prods at Granny's rage)

Mad Harriet


Saturday, December 22, 2012

DC '78 # 3: The Outsiders

Of course Thorn and Black Lightning have
the common bond of working Suicide Slum in
Metropolis and being after the infamous 100 gang.

They still do solo work, but as
definite vigilantes, anti-heroes, and true outsiders,
they have learned to discover the benefits of
having colleagues.

In the glossy world of the mainstream heroes, there isn't much
 interest in freaks like Metamorpho or the Odd Man, but
amidst fellow freaks? They can find acceptance while
doing good.

Ragman and Man-Bat also carry the Gotham and Batman
connection, as does Metamorpho. Having been in search
of help with their personal demons brought them in touch
with other Batman friends and allies, and began the
seed of a notion for working together.

Whether it's being a scientific experiment, a refugee from another
dimension, or a victim of a curse, these outsiders know the
sting of living with demons that most don't comprehend.

Mighty Mary and Forager--the true name of 'Bug'--
were alone in the world until taken in by the Outsiders.
Having that enhanced eyesight for those who are hurting
is an inestimable aid for detecting those who need
protecting. This is the path the Outsiders have chosen.

Helping runaways, the homeless, abuse victims,
drug addicts and more escape from their personal hells and
establish a new life is a good deal harder than defeating 
Mongul. It's the day to day worries and afflictions
that the Outsider--one Alfred Pennyworth with a
newfound ability to control his alter--and the 
out-of-step loner Son of Vulcan  are interested in. 

Shade, the Changing Man found allies in the
team when they came to his aid in a battle to
maintain his Meta-vest, and he now finds himself
stranded on Earth.

The Creeper is a rare addition, seeing as he prefers to maintain
his solo presence, and keep up his act as unstable and wild.
Although lately, the line between act and reality seems to
be diminishing.

The Black Orchid remains a mystery; it's unknown
how a completely human woman could experience her range
of powers and skills, but she has proven a valuable asset in
undercover work and extractions.

Members come and go; most outsiders are
unaccustomed to regularity and faith in others.

But when there are innocents hurting,
every one of these heroes can be found
answering the call.


Friday, December 21, 2012

DC '78 # 2: Titans East

There wasn't a damned thing wrong with Bob Rozakis'
Teen Titans dynamic, so I kept this team the same, with
only two notable additions!

Wonder Girl


Harlequin II, the original, older, totally
cool Deula Dent...daughter of...well, the
original Harlequin, as it turns out, sillies!

Kid Flash



Batgirl II (Barbara Gordon)

Mal as Hornblower
The depthly duo back together again.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DC Comics 1978 Flashback/Retcon # 1: LEGION OF DOOM

"Where separately they have failed, may together they..."
well, you get the picture.

Everyone loves the group, and it can be done
effectively with little effort.

What's better than all the best villains teaming
up for a little organized mayhem?