Saturday, December 29, 2012

DC '78 # 4: Dogs of War (Female Furies of Apokolips)

Known now by their secondary title, the Dogs of War,
Apokolips' 'Female Furies' have been especially
busy since Big Barda took leave and became so
interested in the fate of earth.

Granny Goodness has increased torture,
decreased sustenance, and has some
very sinister new plans afoot for making
Barda, Scott Free, and their new friends
quite miserable.

The Furies have been expanded, and training is
especially intense. The attacks on earth's heroes
have increased in volume and magnitude, and it
seems that a reckoning is unavoidable.



Bloody Mary



A second Lashina to replace the AWOL original
(yet something more which prods at Granny's rage)

Mad Harriet


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