Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DC '78: # 5 --"FEARSOME"

Arthur Light and his suit's stolen technology
have been a thorn in the Teen Titans' side for
some time now, although never amounting to much.

In the employ of H.I.V.E. and their unlimited resources,
however, Dr. Light has just become a very dangerous man.

He has a penchant for sociopathic manipulation, and
he has used that to full advantage in psychologically
ensnaring a number of confused, hurting, and
vulnerable meta humans. The cruel brainwashing
of innocents is satisfying to Light's sick mind.

With assistance from the H.I.V.E. and Queen Bee's
mind control efforts, they have built an army
trained specifically to wipe out the Teen Titans,
with each member having an opposite number....
and in several cases, a psychological trump card.

Barely surviving her first outing against the Queen Bee,
Francis Kane was unable to fight the trigger that
had been left in play.

She is still unaware of her heritage as the grand-]
daughter of Golden Age hero, Magno, but
she is more than aware of her troubled youth
as those memories are used to play her for
H.I.V.E.'s goals.

New Wave didn't need any pressure to come to
the Fearsome team. She is pure murderous
psychotic with a score to settle.

Sun Girl continues the elemental theme
of the group's dynamic, and was designed
to take out Aqualad easily.

Windfall would follow her sister New Wave anywhere,
and was already enthralled by her need for
approval. She was easily brought under the
control of the Queen.

Terra Markov was trained by Deathstroke, the H.I.V.E.'s
heaviest hitter. She is being put into play for
a more long-range plan, and is nothing that
she seems.

Little is known of the mysterious young
woman known as 'Halo' except that when
she was discovered in Markovia while
selecting Terra, she was hurt, lost, alone,
and extremely powerful. Her memory loss
provides the coup-de-gras for the Queen's plans.

Crystal Frost has been after the head of
Firestorm since her creation. Her unstable
mental and emotional state makes her even deadlier,
but when she is coherent, the one thing she wants
most is a cure for her terrible condition.

Another sensitive soul, Kole was lost
after the death of her scientist father.
H.I.V.E. agents who had been keeping
tabs on her as part of their ongoing recruitment
efforts knew she was ripe for the picking.

Powerful brothers who had been under the Queen's
thrall already were easily purloined for service.
Their difficulties, and being in a strange country
unable to control their powers made them
further ideal candidates for Fearsome.

The Titans have a tall order in store to
not only defeat these intensely powerful
enemies, but to refrain from damaging these
sad souls further in the process.

Regardless the outcome, this is only
another operation in the H.I.V.E.'s
efforts to eradicate the Teen Titans
and Superman...for whatever sinister purpose
those goals serve.


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