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DC '78 # 11: Sons and Daughters of Metropolis

Although the people of Metropolis, Superman's adopted home
city, have come to appreciate the presence of the Man of Steel,
they have hardly become dependent on him.

A future-looking city, they are nonetheless aware
of reality and the demands on the Man of Tomorrow.
The city council, the police department, local
businesses and industry, and community leaders
all came together to develop, recruit, and retain
heroes and heroines that would look after the city
in conjunction with Superman, and, worst case scenario,
in his absence.

Lar Gand is a Daxamite youth who befriended
Superman in his youth back in Smallville. Lar
spent many years in the Phantom Zone due to
his deadly lead poisoning, until his friend made
good on his promise to cure him and set him free
(with the help of S.T.A.R. Labs and several
scientists from other planets.)

Acting as Mon-El, he is likely the most
powerful member of Metropolis' protectors,
with powers that mirror Superman's (Thanks to
Earth's sun.) Now finding his own groove and
established as his own person, Lar is infatuated
with traveling the globe to take in every experience he
can with his new lease on life.

From the Bottle City of Kandor, two Kryptonian natives
lend their might and technology to the city of their
savior when needed. Van-Ze and Ak-Var use telepathic
translator plugs to speak the language of whatever
nationality they might run across in the city's sprawling
and diverse makeup.

Jim Harper was a police officer on the streets back as early as WWII,
and he maintains his presence on the streets by day, and
in costume as The Guardian at night. He also diligently
continues the education and training of the next generation
of The Newsboy Legion, doing his best to keep the
new recruits out of trouble as he did their parents!

The Guardian's work ethic and persona are so remarkable
that he has influenced multiple new-generation heroes
and heroines to pick up his mantle and garb.

After meeting back up with their kids, the elder Newsboy
Legion members assisted with a Cadmus Project/DNA Project
incident that involved many of the Metropolis players. They
decided to stay around, and have been utilizing the New
Genesis tech bestowed upon their kids and Jimmy Olson
to assist in their sleuthing, crime-fighting, and adventuring.
All are successful in their individual business pursuits,
and have the capacity to run their businesses long distance
or from branches already established in the city.

Even Metropolis' hardest hit neighborhoods, the
'ghetto' and slums, produce determined and hardy
men and women who won't give up.

D'arius Stubing used his technological know-how
to invent sound-related equipment and weapons that
allowed him to assist Superman and Batman with
several cases. He found that, more important than
the aid provided in those cases, he was a true
force for change in his neighborhood, motivating
kids and adults alike with his spirit and poise.

He still dons a costume as inspiration, but his
real message of valuing your talents and making a
difference is on display every day as a motivator
and outreach coordinator on the streets.

 Fred Farrell, Jr. continues the proud lineage and legacy
of his father and grandfather as a captain, now in
the Metropolis Fire Department, District 5, Unit 11.
He relocated to Metropolis from Center City
when that town's dying industries led to a mass exodus of
the population, and the department suffered cutbacks.

He and all of his fellow Jakes are hard-working and
some of the bravest men and women Metropolis can
call their sons and daughters.

Metropolis boasts very futuristic designs as well as splendid
classic architecture, shaping its own identity separate from other
large, internationally-known destinations. It's a hodge-podge of
design and style that seems to work, making the city all at once
forward-stepping and quaint.

Gangbuster (Jose Delgado) is yet another resident
of the hard streets of Suicide Slum, doing his part
to curb the gang violence there. Between
Luthor and Intergang subsidizing hits and protection
with street-level gangs, the money is too good for many
disaffected youths to pass up. Jose spends his days
teaching kids how to protect themselves with boxing
and self defense classes at the Rec Center, and his
nights bringing an end to the gun violence destroying
his friends and family.

Teenager Davood Nassur, known as 'Sinbad' and also
'Sharif', is a Quraci youth who has had a tough
road of it. First developing telekinetic powers as a result
of the Metagene bomb, he also has the normal passions
and issues of every teenager. Add to that being a
United States as a refugee seeking political asylum,
yet being ostracized and assaulted as a result of
racism and anti-Middle-Eastern sentiment, he is at times
a volatile and unpredictable person. Nonetheless, he
has a good heart and has helped with many low-level
street crimes as well as some major cases.

He found an unlikely friend and mentor in one Inspector
Henderson, who has taken the boy on in an effort to set
things right.

Suicide Slum somehow can't be left behind, no matter how many residents
battle for improvements nor how many heroes spring forth to
combat the injustices there. Corruption and inhumanity are
too much for even a Superman to abolish, it seems.

The daughters of Jefferson Pierce, civic advocate and teacher,
as well as prominent hero Black Lightning, have followed in their
father's footsteps as super heroes.

Anissa and Jennifer Pierce (Thunder & Lightning, respectively)
have taken up the legacy of their dad in defending their
hometown, going up against the likes of The 100,
Intergang, LuthorCorp, and others.

Having been trained by the Justice League and Lightning
himself, Jeff still wouldn't allow his daughters to be so much
in harm'[s way if it weren't for the special measures of
protection he has in place. That, and the fact that he
knows better than to stand in the way of his
two bold and forceful daughters, so very much
their father's daughters!

The mechanical marvel known as Wonder Man was
rehabilitated and repaired by Superman using the
assistance of S.T.A.R. Labs' Dr. and Dr. Stone, as well
as replacement parts from some of his older Superman
robots located in the Fortress of Solitude.

Wonder Man continues his search for completion,
and to that end, the Red Tornado has sought to
help him form a civilian identity.

The Wonder Warrior was a magically-constructed
being from one of the 5thy dimensional imp Mr.
Mxyzptlk's hi jinks, but when the spell was undone,
Wonder Warrior remained unchanged and with a fully
formed history and identity. It was speculated that the
unconventional--and unpredictable--nature of chaotic
5th dimension magics are responsible for the bizarre
conundrum, but WW has been a valuable member in
the war on crime in Metropolis, including nearly being
killed during the alien Invasion as he protected the denizens
of Suicide Slum. His sweet nature and prim properness
make him quite a ladies magnet, but he has developed a
bit of a crush on the emotionally unavailable Thorn.

S.T.A.R. Laboratories and their Metropolis HQ has
provided invaluable assistance for Superman through the years,
including friendship in the form of Professor Emil Hamilton,
Dr. Jenette Klyburn, Dr. Karen Lou Falkner, and Drs. Silas
& Elinore Stone. In finding a common ground and
understanding, the Man of Might found not only a group
whose efforts have saved his live in emergencies, but
whose scientific endeavors have kept him--and the
citizens of Metropolis--safe from harm through preventative and
curative measures. They are definitely behind-the-scenes
warriors, no less effective due to their invisibility

Dr. "Kitty" Faulkner also became the transforming
combatant, Rampage, who--in time--was able to control her
changes and become a heroic figure on the city streets.

She was manipulated into the service of Lex Luthor at
one point, but quickly saw through his machinations and
sociopathy, and now is adamantly directed to bringing about
his downfall. This could prove problematic, since she
has become romantically involved with a woman named
Mercy Graves, who, unbeknownst to her, serves as
one of Luthor's bodyguards.

The Metropolis S.C.U. has specially trained
combatants for any and all types of crime
and meta human activity. Ably led by Captain
Maggie Sawyer and Detective Dan "Terrible" Turpin, the
tough-as-nails, take-no-prisoners duo are closer than
any married couple and have risked their lives for one another
and their fellow officers many times over.

Turpin is the only squad member who is aware of Sawyer's
wife, and he has become a favorite uncle to her daughter.
Anyone trying to lay waste to their city, super-powered or
not, had best beware the wrath of these two pit-bulls.

Lana Lang may have been a member of the jet set crowd
in Europe, but she is never far from her enchanted jewelry
which can gift her the powers of the Insect Queen.

When she sees trouble, she makes the switch to
her super-powered identity from her days in Smallville
(and her exploits with the Legion of Super Heroes.)
She uses her job as a TV reporter with WGBS to
get information on dangers as they occur.

Bibbo is the fisherman, bar-owner, and
Number One Superman supporter!
He keeps the riff-raff in line on the waterfront with
his sassy stories and a mean left hook.

Lois Lane, intrepid reporter, anti-corporation
bulldog, feminist, adventurer, and fighter
trained in a multitude of fighting styles and
disciplines! Also smart enough to surround
herself with other smart cookies and strong women,
like roommate extraordinaire, Julie Spence,
who accompanies Lois on many trouble-making--er,
fact-finding assignments and misadventures!

Although she and Superman have dated for long periods
here and there, Lois is a cosmopolitan gal,
and she likes to have her space--as well as her options--open.
She currently has several suitors she is occupied with,
when she has a spare moment to give.

Julie shows she's no victim, either

After constantly finding himself in dire threat after
dire threat, Jimmy Olson's constant calls for help on his
signal watch began to wear on Superman. Knowing he couldn't
be available at all times, he gave his best friend a far more
valuable watch; a modified H-Dial. Now, with every turn of the
dial, Jimmy transforms himself into a new and different super-
powered creation who's able to fend for himself.

Natasha Irons is a tech-genius who has a variety of costumes,
armors and abilities at her disposal. She and her uncle
run the Steel Works company, and share the heroic legacy
of her grandfather (Steel's father,) the Silver Age hero
known as "John Henry."

John Henry was actually southerner John
Wilson who was murdered on basis of skin color alone. His terrified 
family moved north and changed their name to 'Irons' to escape
persecution yet pay homage to John's heroic identity, and his
two children (Clay and John Jr.) would grow to be strong and proud.

Steel (John Henry Irons) spends time globetrotting with
his group, the Science Police.

Due to the prominence of Superman and the vastness of Metropolis,
the city seems under siege regularly, and all residents know that having an army
of heroes in residence isn't overkill, it's good common sense!


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