Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DC '78 # 10: Royal Flush Gang

The Royal Flush Gang started off as a simple
street gang that upgraded to costumes and gadgets.
After only causing minimal havoc for the Justice League,
they determined to up their game. They contacted an
investor and tech man via Intergang and not only
upgraded; they outsourced!
Now made up of multiple cells that all share
profits (along with motif, name, and weaponry,
safe houses, contacts, etc.)
the RFG are able to create a sense of confusion
regarding which members are in on a heist, making it
more challenging to figure means of defeating them.

Each gang sports a membership of 52, but the
main players are still the court card members.

The original team started a training center for bringing
street kids under their wing and then work them into
one of the groups when they are older and fully developed
in fighting skills and other necessary preparation.

Some of the tech supplied is quite enhanced, and
has proven able to take out even Superman and Green Lantern
on occasion. This shift in the RFG's formidability
drew the eye of Batman and the second Mr. Terrific,
after a JLA/JSA team up was barely able to defeat
two combined squads of the RFG.

What they discovered was that the tech was definitely not
of earth, and possibly not of this solar system.
Their chief leads now include either Weapons Master,
or--worst case scenario--Apokolips.

The RFG operates in rotation, but the various
squads do have stable home bases. They include
Midway City, Las Vegas, Washington D.C.,
 Los Angeles, Houston, Paris, and Edmonton.

With greater training, better weaponry, an
advanced network of shared information and
skills, and a determination to succeed at any cost,
the newly enervated RFG is the team to back.

That's exactly what their benefactor intended.

In the past, the RFG has had connections to
multiple 'Wild Cards' (a.k.a. behind-the-scenes
promoters and suppliers) such as the second Gambler,
Professor Fortune once again, Hector Hammond,
as well as other mysterious wealthy industrialists.

Members of the Gang don't tend to have a long shelf life,
finding ill-met ends or being incarcerated, but some of
the mainstays of the groups include Kerry, Queenie, Jack,
Tom Dillon, Joe Carny, Mona Taylor, Wanda Wayland,
'Deuce' Canyard, Ernie Clay, Melanie Walker,
David Essex (the father of the second Star Spangled Kid,)
and a handful more.

When some cities have had a RFG cell that gets sufficiently
busted up, the remaining members have been absorbed
into more successful cities or started anew in other
regions. Because of the severe territorial nature of the
gangs in Gotham, including the particular enmity between
the RFG and The Joker, there is no longer a Gotham cell.

There is speculation that the RFG is somehow
associated with an even larger organization known
as The Arcana, which does sport both Professor Fortune
and Felix Faust as members-- as well as a Who's Who of
mystics and business leaders from around the globe.

It's unknown if that rumor has a basis, or if The
Arcana may be behind the development and funding
of the Gang's expansion activity.

It's presumed that the 'stellaration' tech that originally enhanced
the gang members is still being used in some capacity
for new court members.

The specific origins of the tech used to create the individual
transports (giant playing cards) and the multiple androids
known as 'Ace' (following Fortune himself in the role
originally) are not known. Fortune has had several
criminal efforts with Professor Ivo, a master of android
creation, and that is one possible source.

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