Thursday, January 10, 2013

DC '78 # 6: Justice League of America Reserves


The world's greatest super-team, the
Justice League of America, is always involved
in one high-profile, high-impact case of another.

But while they're off world, or in another
dimension, or otherwise distracted, they
haven't left the planet unprotected!

The second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord
They have gathered together a specially-
chosen team of super-heroes both
established and new to take their place if the
need arises.

With the backing of Flashes 2 & 3, Batman,
Superman, and Wonder Woman, the Reservists
were all brought in expecting the highest standards,
and they have not disappointed.

Psychologically, Batman knew the team make-up would
lead criminals to a false sense of confidence,
and collectively the League agreed that the only
way to show trust for these heroes was to
take off the training wheels and let them
prove themselves admirably, which they have.

Time-travellers Booster Gold & Skeets
Although a seemingly innocuous team of
'minor' players, many is the threat that was
shocked to have their hats handed to them by
the Justice League Reservists!
Although lighter in tone and chock-full of
former criminals (including Eel O'Brien and three
of Flash's Rogues Gallery now under the
reformation tutelage of Wally West, Barry
Allen, and Blue Devil,) this membership
has plenty of heart, dedication, and

Reformed Rogue and Flash-friend, the Pied Piper
Led by Plastic Man (with several decades of
experience as a hero, plus insights into
difficulties of being an ex-con,) the team
turns to Mister Miracle for strategic
planning, and Blue Beetle for tech and
moral support. Oberon seems to be the glue
that holds the team together.

James Jesse, The Trickster, working on rehabilitation

Former Rogue, the Weather Wizard

Blue Devil Dan Cassidy and his Hollywood cohorts

'Fire' and 'Ice,' the protegees of experienced original
Global Guardians members Green Fury and Ice Maiden.
These younger heroes may lack the finesse and confidence
of their trainers, but their enthusiasm and youthful heart
are impressive.
 Not everyone who performs can be in the Top Percentile,
but that doesn't cause them to be ineffective. The people
whose lives are saved by the Reserves are ecstatically heard
referring to their saviors as 'the real Justice League.'

That's Rock-Star status any way you slice it.

Relocated alien Blue Jay
New 'kid' on the block, the Canterbury Cricket
Sleuth and punster Plastic Man and pal Woozy Winks
Scott Free's right-hand man, Oberon of New Genesis

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