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DC '78 # 9: Texas Super Rangers

People joked when they heard that there would
be a government-sanctioned super-team doing
their business out of Texas, until they learned that
the Batman was in charge of selecting the team himself.

People asked "Well, why does Texas need a
super hero team? There's never been one before?"

Owlman is the proud son of the WWII hero,
the Flying Fox, and he was raised from early on to
be prepared for a life of social commitment.

His entire family carries on a tradition of noble
heroism started  by his father in World War II, who
relocated to the American Midwest, starting a family
after the war.

Fox's only full blood child, Nathaniel Little River is
also a shaman like his father, having studied and
trained under his father before his death.

Receiving modern equipment from the Batman,
Nathaniel was chosen by the Wisdom of the
Eyes to become Owlman.

Flying Fox II is the adoptive grandson of the
original, and the son of Owlwoman I.
Through a Vision Quest telling, his spiritual
grandfather (who had taken them under
his wing when his own father was killed,) was
led to bequeath his mystic cape and cowl
to Lawrence Echo Fox.

He shares shamanistic magic abilities with his
uncle, the leader of the Rangers, and there is
some tension between the two over the
specifics of the handing down of the cowl.

Chief Man-of Bats and Little Raven
are also part of a coordinated effort to
assist crime-fighting in more remote
and less protected areas. Although, the duo
were active and quite good before catching
Batman's eye.

Donovan Sexton was a Theatre Arts major at
Arizona State University and found himself
unchallenged by the local arts scene.
Always an adventurous spirit, he had the
bizarre notion of formulating a living art project
centered around reenacting the career of
a 1940s costumed adventurer, The Whip.

After much training and research, he began
public displays to set the stage for his Whip's
reemergence, much to the chagrin of the real
Whip's granddaughter, who was carrying on his
legacy already. This became less of an issue when
she moved to Opal City.

After Donovan stopped a mugging at a street
festival some months into his art project, he
found he had a new passion; crime fighting...
and the adrenal rush it provides.

The White Whip is rather an amalgam of old west sensibilities
and modern technology. For someone with an impressive
mental ability (telepathy, which she uses to keep the
team connected over distances) she has some very
prickly ideas that often do not sit well with other members.

They often refer to her as the 'White Rabbit,' in referring to
her 'Tea Party' affiliations.

The first Apache Chief discovered his powers
in the same way that Rita Farr had, but rather
than let it be known he had (literally) fallen into them
accidentally, he built up a powerful cover story
so that he would be seen as gifted, more powerful,
and selected--all things he assumed he would need
to make his community proud of him.

Owlgirl is the daughter of Wenonah Littlebird,
and sister of Flying Fox II. She is somewhat
reluctant in the role of hero, not in any way due to
lack of heart, but because she lacks self-confidence.

Burdened with growing noticeably larger when
her mutative powers kicked in (presumably a nod
to the abilities of her unnamed father who had passed,)
she became very body-conscious as she gained the attention
of older tribesmen and lost the support of her peers.

Karen is a super-hero groupie and a punk rock chick!

Tye Longshadow is the second Apache Chief,
though only the legacy name is understood by the
people in his hometown. The origins of his
powers appear under some question,
possibly in conjunction with his disappearance
last year. It is unknown why he is no longer
friendly with Jaime Reyes.

John Trujillo is tight-lipped and mysterious,
but he takes crime-fighting very seriously.
Most among the group assume he's a
murderer due to his stark nature, and
it is known he worked for the government
in some capacity in the past (it's even
assumed this job may be an appointment
for him.)

His dedication to detail and professionalism made
him a sure pick for Batman.

Max Mercury has been many costumed names in his
long career! He went by 'Max Lightning' in the Old West
when he saved Bruce Wayne's ancestor!
That story might have gone untold, save for Jay Garrick
sharing  it with Bruce at a JLA/JSA annual get-together.

Seeking Max out, Bruce was impressed with the
grounded elder statesman's poise and knowledge.
Max was his first pick as speedster--and heart--
of this newfound group.
Though they have been relocated to Texas for
better deployment in cases under their purview,
all members still have ties to their hometowns and
families. Occasionally they have been known to
crossover with the more mid-western group,
The Western All-Stars.


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